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powerful influence;

Hello and welcome to the Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for the awesomely powerful and often overlooked driving force behind an orange haired shinigami, Zangetsu. If you want to know more about Zangetsu, please check out the information here and if you're a fan won't you please consider joining us and showing your love for the most powerful zanpakutou this side of the Soul Society.
I would like to express that this is merely a fan's attempt at paying homage to Zangetsu and I am in no way making profit off of this site, no infringement is meant and please do not sue me. :)


The Zangetsu fanlisting is run using enthusiast, and was last updated on 10th April 2019, with a total of 264 members from 53 countries, and 0 member(s) waiting to be added! Welcome to our newest member(s), Dysanne.