arucard and seras


... to little chaos, the Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Kusajishi Yachiru from Bleach. I love her to pieces and so shall you love her too. She is like a child, being the smallest & youngest of the vice captains and captains. Candy is her downfall, so taking her to a candy store is probably a bad idea. While she's adorable, she is also highly capable and respected by others. Head over to about to learn more about Yachiru, or if you want to add yourself to the list go to join. To see our Yachiru lovers, you can go to the list of members and... I lost my train of thought much like she does. o.o


The Kusajishi Yachiru Fanlisting is run using enthusiast, and was last updated on 10th April 2019, with a total of 64 members from 18 countries, and 0 member(s) waiting to be added! Welcome to our newest member(s), Cerine.